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The Iron Horse Hotel

Fri: 5PM-2AM; Sat: 12-4PM
500 W Florida Street | 414-374-4766

Official Gallery Night After Party + Charles Dwyer Exhibit

Toast Gallery Night at The Iron Horse Hotel — and see some amazing artwork by Charles Dwyer. The Iron Horse Hotel houses more than 100 pieces of Charles Dwyer’s work. Those who view Dwyer’s art are captivated by the combination of the female form with autobiographical elements or hidden images. In many of the works, Dwyer combines hand-written script with the images. Style and technique enhance each other to present a romantic form of his very personal expressionism. The Gallery Night MKE After Party will be held at the hotel Friday evening.

Arts @ Large

Friday 5 to 9pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414.763.7379

Sharing Space: Jovanny Hernandez & Jazelynn Goudy

Arts@Large is excited to welcome two artists in residence, hailing from different sides of the city of Milwaukee, to share space and explore their practice through the topic of civil rights. Jazelynn Goudy is a dancer, educator, veteran, artist and homie. As an interdisciplinary performing artist scholar, her social dance practice emphasizes the movement of black women and girls from Milwaukee’s North Side. Jovanny Hernandez grew up on Milwaukee’s South Side, the son of immigrants and a first-generation American. Jovanny’s artwork serves as a celebration of the resilience, courage, and determination of migrants, aspects that truly make migration beautiful.

Cream City Gallery

Fri. 4 – 9pm | Sat. 11am – 5pm
1036 S 5th St | 414.671.1512

Great Pears of Herstory

Throughout the years, Marcia Gorra has developed the idea of one special fruit, the Pear, as an allegory for women. Great Pears of Herstory is a recent collection of works resulting from this journey.

Eagle Knit Building

Friday 5-9PM | Saturday 12-4PM
507 S 2nd St | 414.659.0262


Ten seasoned artists, one venue. This single-stop-worthy show will refresh all your senses with colorful works ranging from pop-influenced, abstract expressionism to photographic storytelling. Featuring work by Holly Harnisveger, Duffy, Curtis Crain, Jason Von Roo, Sue Berce, Peter Richards, Jim Ford, Noel Clark, Nancy Dimiceli and Barbara Budish.


Hawthorn Contemporary

Fri. 12 – 9pm; Sat. 12 – 5pm
706 S 5th Street | 414-336-9771

Dancing on Myth’s Stage

Dancing on Myth’s Stage is a two-person exhibition that presents the paintings of Zuhal Feraidon and Aparna Sarkar. The works are inspired by Indo-Persian art history and cultural iconography, an influence based on each artist’s heritage. Zuhal Feraidon was born in Afghanistan and immigrated to the U.S. as a refugee of the war in 2005; Aparna Sarkar is a first-generation Indian-American.

Select Studios

Fri. 5 – 10pm | Sat. 11am – 4pm
107 E. National Ave.

Select Studios Open House

Join us at Select Studios for installations of art by Jeff Redmon, Paul Terrien and others. Art, live music and more will be featured all weekend. Visit selectstudiosmke.com for a schedule of events.

Small Works Gallery

Fri. 12-9pm | Sat. 12-5pm
700 S 5th St. | 414.336.9771

Small Works Gallery: New Smalls

The Smalls Works gallery features 6-inch works by hundreds of artists. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photo, printmaking and more cover the walls in a massive salon style installation. Artists are from Milwaukee and all over the U.S.

The Alice Wilds

Friday 5 to 8pm | Saturday 2pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

Paper Plates and Roller Skates: Jessica Meuninck-Ganger

In Paper Plates and Roller Skates, printmaker Jessica Meuninck-Ganger pays tribute to the spirited life of mentors and masters. She actively reimagines their workshops, tools, collections, and surroundings by reverently rendering, printing, and reconstructing observations and memories, further transforming them into structural, architectural, and meandering visual arrangements. A gallery reception will be held on Friday from 5 to 8 p.n. and the artist will be giving a gallery talk on Saturday at 2 p.m.

The Grove Gallery

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 12 – 4pm
832 S 5th Street |  414.659.0262

Salad Days

Salad Days features work by Ella Dwyer and Thaddeus Kellstadt. Thad makes music, videos, paintings and sculptures about pastoral psychedelicism, science fiction and the secret marriage of Apollo and Dionysus. Ella’s early days were spent with her mother beach combing and exploring abandoned caving grounds. Her current body of work is influenced by found objects, Lake Michigan and subconscious memory. Locally sourced baked goods will be provided by Jim Franks, who hopes to save the world one loaf at a time.

Var Gallery

Fri: 5-10PM, Sat: 12-5PM
643 S 2nd St. & 423 W. Pierce St • 414.336.9771

30x30x30 Exhibition

Var Gallery’s 30x30x30 Exhibition invites selected artists to make 30 pieces in 30 days in the month of January. The goal of the experience is to stimulate an aggressive art-making marathon to kickstart the beginning of the year, and result in an spring exhibition that provides gallery visitors the ability to collect small works from many artists. This is Var’s ninth year hosting this exhibition.

Var Gallery on 5th Street

Friday Noon to 9pm; Saturday Noon to 5pm
423 W. Pierce St. | 414-305-2444

Jill Sebastian: Early Work, Recent Work

Jill Sebastian’s work prods the disquiet of living. She asks, what are the comfortable lies we tell ourselves about how the world is structured? Through fragmentation, Sebastian creates metaphors that meld pressing social concerns with autobiographical experiences by pulling apart and reconstructing common objects and places as off-kilter.

In her first exhibition at Var, Early Work, Recent Work, the artist shares her reflections of how some themes and approaches reappear over the course of her 40 year career. She states, “ Over the years, my preoccupations have matured from the immediacy of exploring my individual psyche to seek a footing in the issues of my time.”

Represented in this exhibition are works from several series focusing on relationships between nature and culture, material and language, through war, childhood suicide, and environmental crisis.

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