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The Iron Horse Hotel

Exhibition: July 16, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 4 to 9pm
500 W Florida Street | 414-374-4766

Un Precious Werks by Libby Castro

As a designer, light has always been important to me. Now more than ever, light equals hope. I am wonderfully inspired by a painting I received nearly 30 years ago from my beloved friend, Michael Chad Barrett. It features a unique fusion of texture, brightness and mixed media — and he took the “preciousness” out of the painting by using paper bags as the backdrop. He told me, “Roll it up, unroll it and tack it on the wall using masking tape.” And that is what I want people to do with this collection. Roll them up, pack them and move them with you; leave them in storage and bring them out when you’re ready. When they come out, hang them by nails, suspend them from the ceiling — whatever works. But treat them as anything but precious.

Arts @ Large

Exhibition: July 16 through October 4, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 7 to 9pm | Saturday 8am to 12pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414-763-7379

Relations 2021

This series of work begins with the intimacy and interdependence of our family connections. This has become a series inspired by the heartwarming honesty of children, relationships amongst family, and the study of the book of changes to help me guide understanding of these truths shared by humans. Even with disconnection, our families are interconnected. This body of work is aimed to help everyone share, heal, and grow together.

Hawthorn Contemporary

Exhibition June 26 through August 28, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 9pm | Saturday 11am to 9pm
706 S 5th Street | 414-336-9771

Where the Eyes Fall: Daniel McCullough & Maeve Jackson

Maeve Jackson: The photographic portraits series, When The Bee Leaves The Hive, reveals individuals who take care of the land in subtle, gentle ways. I intentionally used a variety of cameras, both film and digital, to force myself to capture within the moment and not overthink.

Daniel McCullough: My work investigates the atmosphere of place through chance-based approaches to photography. I am interested in the mysterious space between the camera lens and outside world, and how information is recorded within the camera. My photographs serve as moments of wonder and contemplation on the landscape around me.

The Alice Wilds

Exhibition now through July 17, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 11am to 8pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

Tó Éí Ííńá : Dakota Mace

Tó éí Ííńá translates to “water is life,” an essential aspect for all Indigenous people. It encompasses the importance of nature and recognizing Indigenous people as the original caretakers of the land that they reside on. This series focuses on understanding the changes happening to waterways here in the United States and the many Indigenous people who continue to fight for its protection. Tó Éí Ííńá : Dakota Mace is on view through July 17. We will be open Friday, July 16 from 11 am to 8pm.


Var Gallery

Exhibition: Now through July 17, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 11am to 9pm | Saturday 11am to 4pm
643 S 2nd Street | 414-336-9771

30x30x30 Exhibition Closing Reception

Var Gallery presents its seventh iteration of the 30x30x30 Exhibition. 40 artists were given the parameters to make one piece a day within a 6” x 6 ” x 6” dimension. Each artist worked for 30 consecutive days during the month of January. Visit and see 1,200 unique pieces that range in many mediums. This exhibition serves both as an art making marathon for the artists, but also an affordable way for an individual to collect work from many artists. Check our website vargallery.com for a list of participating artists.

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