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The Iron Horse Hotel

Exhibition: Beginning July 22
Event Hours: Friday 6 – 10pm | Saturday All Day
500 W Florida Street | 414-374-4766

Charles Dwyer – Artist in Residence

The Iron Horse Hotel houses more than 100 pieces of Charles Dwyer’s work. Those who view Dwyer’s art are captivated by the combination of the female form with autobiographical elements or hidden images. In many of the works, Dwyer combines hand-written script with the images. Style and technique enhance each other to present a romantic form of his very personal expressionism.

Arts @ Large

Exhibition: July 22 – September 30
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 8pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414.763.7379

Memories from Somewhere

Memories from Somewhere is a performance driven interactive experience that takes the concept of affect and applies it to a moment in time: a memory. The exhibit will breathe throughout with a focus on improvisation. R.A.T.M.A.N., an experimental project from musician Sam Kacala, will interpret the gallery installations with a series of performances, featuring numerous Milwaukee musicians. Sam Kacala is the first artist-in-residence for the 2022-23 season, investigating our Technology & Innovation cornerstone. Join us on July 22nd from 5-9pm, at the Arts@Large gallery, for a gallery opening, musician panel discussion, and musical performance.

The Alice Wilds

Exhibition: July 8 – August 20
Event Hours Friday 5 to 8pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

Before Render

View new and previously unexhibited works by Michael Lagerman in his first solo exhibition at The Alice Wilds. Lagerman’s current process includes digital and darkroom photography, rephotographing film, and video, scanning photo-historical texts, and making image-based objects. Before Render takes a claim against imagined futures as it resonates a gritty feeling of truth about the present. The included works speculate about the origins and material cultures of images and photography’s ecological impact. The ideas in this presentation take form through the artist’s multimodal approach to image-making. Lagerman’s carefully sourced materials speak to his hopes for the generation of routes towards viable sustainability and the possibilities of photography.


Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

Exhibition: July 22 – August 1
Event Hours – Friday: 5 to 6pm; Saturday: 1 to 5pm
839 S 5th Street  |  414.672.2787

10th Annual Youth Art Show: Celebrating Us

The 10th Annual Youth Art Show: Celebrating Us centers art produced and made by youth artists during WPCA’s 2022 Summer Art Camp, featuring projects in printmaking, muralism, paper making, sculpture, and multimedia. Artists include summer art camp participants in collaboration with guest artists Celeste Contreras, Diego Heredia, and Adam Beadle.

Workshop Architects

Exhibition: July 22 + 23
Event Hours: Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday by Appointment
201 E Pittsburgh Avenue, Studio 1, First Floor | 414.795.6880

The Soma Show

Be moved & inspired by a fresh series of Sensual Portraits & the unveiling of Luciferia; a multi-dimensional larger than life sculpture. Then embark on a visual and auditory journey as you experience the provocative moving imagery of VJ JenIsis & the undeniable beats & frequencies of DJ John Stuart.

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