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The Alice Wilds

Friday 5 to 9pm | Saturday 11am – 5pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

A Two-Sided Sky Turning Over and Over: New Work by Kyle Seis

New image-based works by Kyle Seis that focus on the sky as a subject matter and expand upon Seis’ continued interest in finding connections between the medium of photography and the natural world. Through observation, imagination and reaction, digital editing tools are utilized to turn photographs into new sunsets or cloud-like arrangements. The resulting works play off of and against the limitations of photography’s contained flatness. Exhibition runs Oct. 14-Dec. 3.


Arts @ Large

Friday 5 to 9pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414.763.7379

The World’s Lungs: Catalina Bayona

Catalina Bayona is a Colombian artist based in the United States. Colombia is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Amazon. Bayona’s paintings and sculptures illuminate the vibrancy of the Amazon, “the lungs of the world.” She utilizes various spiritual elements that have a strong symbolism. Each element, such as bodies or objects, makes a sensitive platform to recreate an image of a spiritual world. Catalina Bayona is the second artist-in-residence for the 2022-23 season, investigating our Eco-Literacy cornerstone. Join us on Oct. 21 for the show’s opening; it’s on display through Dec. 29.

Grove Gallery

Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday 12 – 4pm
832 S 5th Street |  414.659.0262

Jay Aprin – Solve for X – Relief Prints 2018–2022

A collection of linoleum and woodcut prints examining the erosion of society through elements of nature and technology.

The Real Tinsel

Friday 5 to 8pm; Saturday 12 to 8pm
1013 W Historic Mitchell Street | 347.683.0197

Teleportal: Movement

Group show featuring artists from five countries based on connection and movement in a global age.

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