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The Alice Wilds

Exhibition September 10 – October 23, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 11am to 8pm; Saturday 11am to 5pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

A Pound of Flesh: Makeal Flammini

On Friday, October 15th, The Alice Wilds will be holding a private gallery event for ticket holders in conjunction with Makeal Flammini’s exhibition, “A Pound of Flesh.” Please inquire with The Alice Wilds for availability.


Arts @ Large

Exhibition: October 15 to December 4
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 8pm | Saturday 8am to 2pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414-763-7379

Pulling at Strands: History, Feminism, and the Everyday

Melissa Dorn works to create experiences both in her art and in her teaching, that momentarily transport people, making space for creating and for change from within. Because of this it was important to her that the exhibition include works from artists working with similar themes that were also former students of hers, creating a space for conversation between the varied works and experiences.

Grove Gallery

Exhibition: October 8 to October 30
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 12-4pm
832 S 5th Street |  414.659.0262

About A Vase | Holly Harnischfeger

The series of mixed media paintings by Holly Harnischfeger portray images of a vase in different environments. At first glance, they are simple shapes and forms that look congruous, balanced, and effortlessly holding seemingly simple flowers. Looking closer, the power of the brushstroke, charcoal gestures, pencil lines, scratches, drips, and even firework residue create the composition all serve as a metaphor to investigate memories and thoughts. To conclude: can a vase of flowers express a deeper meaning?

Hawthorn Contemporary

Exhibition September 11 to November 19
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 9pm | Saturday 12 to 5pm
706 S 5th Street | 414-336-9771

“Beleaguered Microcosm” Jave Gakumei Yoshimoto

Beleaguered Microcosm is a collection of Jave Yoshimoto’s works that reflects on the recent histories natural and man-made disasters. The works represented are paintings on paper, as well as sculptural pieces made with makerspace/fab lab equipment found nationwide. Jave Gakumei Yoshimoto is an artist and educator of multi-cultural background. He was born in Japan to Chinese parents and immigrated to California at a young age. He is a recipient of the 2015 Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Painters and Sculptors grant, which he used to travel to Nepal and Lesvos Island in Greece to research human crisis, survival, empathy and resilience.

Var Gallery

Exhibition: October 1 to November 20
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 9pm | Saturday 12 to 5pm
643 S 2nd Street | 414-336-9771

Bridge Work 07

Plum Blossom Initiative (PBI) and Var Gallery & Studios present Bridge Work 07 exhibition. For the seventh iteration of Bridge Work, PBI and Var selected three artists (all recent BFA graduates) to participate in the Bridge Work 07 professional development program. Helena Baka creates ceramic sculptures and paintings detailing the mythologies in Albanian culture. Ana Siemsen explores diaspora and cultural identity of her Chinese heritage through fashion design, photography and video. Lindsey Yeager’s paintings critique flawed human society with their propensity to destroy.

Var West Gallery

Exhibition September 18 to November 27
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 12 to 5pm
423 W Pierce Street | 414.336.9771

SIERRA VISTA A duo exhibition by Uriel Correa and Randi Drozd

Sierra Vista Avenue in East Hollywood, LA is where Randi Drozd and Uriel Correa have lived and worked side by side over the past year. Their painting styles share similarities in color and concept while forming a connection on many levels. “Sierra Vista” encapsulates many aspects of Los Angeles from the griminess and pollution to the epic sunsets you see while walking around the neighborhood. Drozd creates an otherworldly dreamscape partially influenced by certain components of her surroundings. Inspirations for this series included LA’s deco architecture, succulents, sprawling sidewalks, and the patterns of block paving. Correa captures the decrepit landscapes marrying them to the natural, surreal beauty seen from afar, while transforming the debilitated city streets into parallel dimensions. Together, they created a dual reality of fantasy and fiction combined with their everyday observations.

Workshop Architects

Exhibition October 15 & 16
Event Hours Friday 6 to 9pm, Saturday By Appointment
201 E Pittsburgh Avenue, Studio 1, First Floor | 414.795.6880


UNLOST is a group exhibition of Milwaukee art created during lockdown. As the world reeled from this uncharted territory, these artists and designers used disorientation as an engine for discovery and creativity. This exhibition includes the work of Rachael Gonzales, Libby Castro, Jacqlynn Murphy, Kurt Young Binter, Ash Lettow and Patrick Castro.

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