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The Alice Wilds

Friday 5 to 8pm | Saturday 11am – 5pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

Tyanna J. Buie: Improvisations

“Improvisations” consist of new work by Tyanna J. Buie that utilizes print media combined with methods such as painting, drawing, collage, screen-printing, and Deep-Fake technology. The artist will be in attendance on Friday, Jan. 20, and will host a Q&A on Saturday, Jan. 21, at 2 p.m.


Arts @ Large

Friday 5 to 9pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414.763.7379


The body is the vessel in which we live each day, in which we perform our rituals, in which we hug our loved ones. Our bodies are not separate from our lived experiences, in fact, they hold it all. Ava and Cedar investigate this individual embodied experience as a part of a community — how we can experience our bodies and minds as something bigger than ourselves. We welcome people into this questioning through rituals of tea drinking, art making, and meditative performance.

Cream City Gallery

Fri. 2 – 8pm | Sat. 10am – 5pm
1036 S 5th St | 414.671.1512

Fluid Suspense

Water. It cleanses, nourishes, and is essential to life. It also can be an intriguing subject for the lens. These explorations span 10 years of concentrated study through high-speed, stop-action photography.

Eagle Knit Building

Friday 5-9PM | Saturday 12-5PM
507 S 2nd St | 414.659.0262

Scout and Grove Gallery

On its first public viewing, the Eagle Knit Building is a sight to be seen – from the lobby to rooftop. Experience works by Nova Czarnecki, Catalina Bayona, Symphony Swan-Zawadi, Rozalia Hernandez-Singh, Tiffany Miller, Ann Baer, Joshua Cowell, John Kowalczyk, Daniel Fleming, Terry Taylor, Emily Porter, Jeff Redmon, and Dara Larson.


Hawthorn Contemporary

Fri. 6 – 9pm; Sat. 12 – 5pm
706 S 5th Street | 414-336-9771


Hawthorn Contemporary | Fri: 6-9PM, Sat: 12-5PM

706 S. 5th St. • 414.336.9771 • hawthorncontemporary.com

HERE COMES THAT FEELING: KG | This show is about two things happening in my life that feel intertwined. Arriving at a feeling, in a place, as yourself and sometimes someone new. They are about leaving, seeking, returning, longing, changing, clinging. This series of all new auto theoretical work asks “what are you willing to endure to remain whole? How far will you stretch to hold on, and for what?” These weavings are phone calls, they are songs, they are single words and small, tiny tales that make up the story I currently must hold on to.

Select Studios

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 12pm – 4pm
107 E National Ave.

Select Studios Open House

Select Studios in Walker’s Point is a new hub for artists, musicians and makers. Join us for a walk through of this unique space to see a variety of artwork and objects created by local makers.

Small Works Gallery

Fri. 6-9pm | Sat. 12-5pm
700 S 2nd St. | 414.336.9771

Small Works

The Small Works Gallery is host to hundreds of artists and thousands of small affordable works all within the 6″ x 6″ dimension.

The Grove Gallery

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 12 – 5pm
832 S 5th Street |  414.659.0262


This artist couple studies the cycles of life happening in their Riverwest kitchen and garden. Mrozinski planted sunflower seeds and tended to the plants, which soon became his subject matter. These plants were fed by the soil that was composted by Luna from the kitchen scraps, which inform her work. By cultivating this deep connection with nature, their work becomes daily observations shared.

Var Gallery

Fri. 6 to 9pm; Sat. 12 to 5pm
643 S 2nd Street | 414-336-9771

Var Studios Collective Exhibition

Var Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Walker’s Point with two locations. Var Studios houses 70 Milwaukee-based artists at both locations. Var Gallery’s 5th Street location promotes affordable artworks through our Small Works Gallery, hosts rotating exhibitions through our Between Two Galleries and houses Hawthorn Contemporary.

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