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The Alice Wilds

Exhibition April 1 – May 14, 2022
Event Hours Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 11am to 5pm
900 S 5th Street Suite 102 | 414.635.0887

Tom Bamberger: Horizon Lines and Flowers

This selection of vintage gelatin silver prints, beginning with the nudes and portraits of the 1980s through the suburban tableaus of Horizon Lines, Tom Bamberger’s pivotal series executed between 1994 and 1999, would see the end of Bamberger’s psychological and sociological investigations in favor of a pure and objective photographic vision. Fascinated and inspired by the evolution of photographic technology, Horizon Lines would be the last works executed using traditional photographic processes. This exhibition continues with a selection of Flowers, direct high-resolution scans of botanical specimens that apply scientific scrutiny to our most universal symbol of sensual beauty.


Arts @ Large

Exhibition April 22 – June 30, 2022
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 8pm
1100 S 5th Street | 414.763.7379

We Will March Forever: A story of youth activism, told by youth now

We Will March Forever is an exhibition led by Arts@Large Career Development Interns. The NAACP Youth Council and Commandos of the 1967-68 Open Housing movement is the catalyst for the exhibition. Through the disciplines of Podcasting, Business of Art, Youth Activism, and Digital Arts students respond to ideas that still resonate with them today from this remarkable history. We Will March Forever highlights the work this generation is doing to continue the legacy of those before them. It also questions what has changed and what racial and social justice issues continue to impact Milwaukee’s Black and Brown communities.

Grove Gallery

Exhibition April 8 – April 30, 2022
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 12 to 4pm
832 S 5th Street |  414.659.0262

Autism & Art

Islands of Brilliance – a Milwaukee nonprofit that engages with autistic students through a variety of creative-based workshops – along with local art curator Brett Waterhouse will present the work of five local autistic artists who use fanciful subject matter that is unique to each of them in the creation of their art. The repetitive use of familiar content has helped each artist better understand and navigate the world around them.

Hawthorn Contemporary

Exhibition March 5 – April 23, 2022
Event Hours – Friday: 5 to 9pm; Saturday 12 to 5pm
706 S 5th Street | 414-336-9771


With distinctly different outcomes, Espeseth and Matthes capture their lives and moments of clarity through the cathartic act of drawing. In this sprawling installation of drawings, Seers, Craftsmen will feature recent works by both artists created in watercolor, pen, and ink.

Var Gallery

Exhibition April 22 – June 18, 2022
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 12 to 5pm
643 S 2nd Street | 414-336-9771

30x30x30 Exhibition 2022

Var Gallery presents its 7th iteration of the 30x30x30 Exhibition. Artists were given the parameters to make one piece a day within a 6” x 6” x 6” dimension. Each artist worked for 30 consecutive days during the month of January.

The exhibiting artists are Liala Amin, Lydia Andersen, Jesse Bell, Sara Bott, Chloe Brunker, Luke Chappelle, Gaby Lamoureux as clove bird, Ann Connolly, Abigail Dudley, Holly Dudley, Añamarie America Edwards, Susan Evenson, Benjamin Fairly, Daniel Fleming, Emma Daisy Gertel, Janelle Gramling, Sindie Ho, Amanda Kachar, Emily Keown, Amber Klootwyk, Britni Mara, Michie Miller, Olivia Molter & Noah Twombly, Z Moralez, Amanda Mulcahy, Kel Mur, Brendan Murphy, Katherine O’Truk, Mia Pergl, Carley Schmidt, Justin Scroggins, Seonjoo So, Angie Stalker, Lillian Supanich, Jillian Tackaberry, Brandom Terres-Sanchez, Samuel Thompson, Avery Weiler, Charlie Wetzel, Lindsey Yeager.

Var Gallery on 5th

Exhibition April 9 – June 5, 2022
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 12 to 5pm
643 S 2nd Street | 414-336-9771

STRATOSPHERE: Andrea Guzzetta

Andrea Guzzetta’s solo debut at VAR Gallery, Stratosphere explores the fragile impermanence of human relationships to each other and the world. Using traditional techniques like oil painting mixed with sculpture, embroidery, and collage, Guzzetta’s work explores an obsession with love, death, transition, and growth through visual themes of raining flowers and rainbows. It’s honestly impressive how someone could make a rainbow that could bum you out, but here we are. I promise it will be beautiful, too.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

Exhibition: April 22 – May 27, 2022
Event Hours – Friday: 5 to 8pm; Saturday: 1 to 5pm
839 S 5th Street  |  414.672.2787

Electric Eclectic II and Featured Member Exhibition Series: Jerry Styberg

Electric Eclectic II is the work of more than 20 photographers from southeastern Wisconsin in a unique mix of themes and presentation styles. Additionally, Featured Member Exhibition Series: Jerry Styberg explores the moments when an artist makes a connection with that inner voice–knowing that the “muse” is at work.

Workshop Architects

Exhibition: Friday, April 22 5 to 9pm; Saturday by appointment
201 E Pittsburgh Avenue, Studio 1, First Floor | 414.795.6880

Art in Spring

Come enjoy the beautiful and thought-provoking art by artists Egle Gabor, Kimberly Geszvain and Yash Mehta. View the abstract paintings by Egle and Kimberly and the provocative sculptures by Yash as he shines a lens on climate change and modern society’s role in it. See you soon.

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