Walker’s Point
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The Alice Wilds

Julie Weber, re | process

This exhibition from Chicago-based artist Julie Weber is the result of revisiting, repurposing, and reimagining an archive of material byproduct collected from a one-hour photo processing lab during a time when photography was experiencing a monumental shift from film to digital processes.

Exhibition through November 2nd, 2019
Event Hours:  Friday: 5-9 PM  |  Saturday: 11-5 PM
900 S 5th St. Suite 102  |  414-635-0887

Arts @ Large Community Center

Iceland’s Vanishing Beauty: Photography by Michael Kienitz

Michael Kienitz calls upon his deep photographic experience to capture the incredible, but disappearing landscape of Iceland’s active volcanoes, ice caves, beaches, canyons, waterfalls, wetlands, black sands, and mountains. Iceland’s Vanishing Beauty features Kienitz’s five-year work collecting images from southeast Iceland’s ice caves and glacial formations in the region’s glacial tongues. Michael Kienitz has been a photographer for more than forty years. His traditional photography has appeared in Life, Time, Newsweek, Elle, Rolling Stone and other major publications worldwide. The Arts @ Large Café will serve tasty treats for purchase. Cash bar available.

Exhibition Dates:  Oct 18 – Dec 31, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-8pm | Saturday: 8am-2pm
1100 South 5th St.  |   414-763-7379

Grove Gallery

Marilyn Propp: Notes from the Sea

Marilyn Propp’s series Notes from the Sea is a collection of handmade cotton and abaca papers with pulp painting and relief prints. Notes reflects the clash/coexistence between the industrial and natural worlds, where debris and sea life are entangled, often morphing into one another, and machine parts disrupt free-flowing life.

Exhibition through Nov 9, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9PM  |  Saturday: 12-5PM
832 S 5th St.  |   414-659-0262

Strand on Second

Intrigue – Linda de Arteaga

Linda de Arteaga’s work intrigues us with her use of formal and informal balance of color, shapes and line. The compositions embody both energy and tranquility. This exhibit celebrates the mindfulness and acceptance of that interaction.

Exhibition Dates: Friday October 18, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9 pm – Join us for refreshments
716 S. 2nd St.   |   414 617-8717

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

27th Annual Dia de Los Muertos Exhibition: Mictlán

Paired with altares created by local community groups, Mictlán explores the topic of death—the ephemeral and fragile sense of the human existence—through the work of 18 members of the Colectivo de Artistas ARMO (Arte Mujer Oaxaca). The series is provided in partnership with Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee and National Council for Culture and Arts of Mexico.

Exhibition Dates:  Oct 18 – Nov 16, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-8pm  |  Saturday: 12-5pm
839 S 5th St.  |   414-672-2787

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