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Grove Gallery

Exhibition: April 1-30 | Event Hours: Friday 5-8pm; Saturday 12-4pm
832 South 5th Street. |  414.659.0262

During the past year having to cancel a trip to Greece I thought about all the places that I’ve gone and seen and taken photos and painted and I wanted to bring the outside inside to peoples homes using realism with some abstract in in addition to the painting vibe. Most of the photos were taken by me directly traveling in the United States or internationally traced drawn painted in glaze.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

Exhibition: April 16- May 29, 2021  |  Event Hours: Friday 6-8pm
839 S 5th Street  |  414.672.2787


Event Description (Limit 100 words): Dichotomies are central to the politics of attention. Contemporary American culture frames existence through oppositions, through “either/ors.”

Concepts such as male/female, black/white, gay/straight accentuate difference and perpetuate otherness. Artists Zina Mussmann and Kate E. Schaffer redirect and focus on gray areas in order to expose the artificial, constructed theater of reality.

Is/Isn’t is a collaborative exhibition that explores perception and materiality by questioning what painting is/isn’t. Through abstraction, mark-making, construction, and deconstruction, Mussmann and Schaffer manipulate materials to simultaneously create illusion and interrogate surface.

Using traditional and alternative processes, Mussmann and Schaffer examine the language of painting; what it is, what it isn’t and what we often overlook it to be.

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