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Eagleknit Building

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 12-4PM & 7-11PM
507 S. 2nd St.

An Artist’s Studio | The Eagleknit is teaming up with Hunger Task Force to offer an exclusive look into an artist studio. Eleven artists will showcase their creative processes, including painters, photographers, potters and more. Featured artists include Ann Baer, B.B. Sue Berce, Kimberly Burnette, Duffy, Karen Greenstreet, Kara Jean, Frank & Julie Korb, VII and Chuck Weber. Join us for a special event Saturday 7-11 p.m., “The Best of Three Worlds,” produced by Artists Unhinged.

Arts @ Large

Fri: 5-9PM
1100 S. 5th Street

Exhibiting Legacy | Join us in the Arts@Large Gallery for our Summer Legacy Exhibition. We welcome all to view and participate in interactive installations, highlighting the work of many artist-educators from this year, as well as from our storied past. The exhibition will be made up of documentation and student art from a multitude of classrooms across the city of Milwaukee, along with legacy artifacts and experiences created inside our community center. The sound will come from a special Jam House performance, and the visuals from our Summer Camp, A.I.R. academy, Career Development and Artist in Residence programs. This exhibition is made possible thanks to the Ruth Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Grove Gallery

Fri. 5-9PM | Sat. 12-5PM
832 S. 5th St.

Adam Stoner – Your House is Your Larger Body | In this collection of new and recent paintings, dreamlike architectures entwine with religious iconography. A story of cities, perspective, winding streets and grand arches has been smoothed over and polished. The subject of the icon has been covered with a cloth. Drawing on the forms of Romanesque cathedrals, the empty cityscapes of Giorgio De Chirico and the cryptic scenes of early monastic painter Fra Angelico, this work gestures toward the archaic; yet the sleek, untextured surfaces call to mind computer renderings, unmoored from place and culture.

Larry Jane

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 12-4PM
2018 S. 1st St. #401

Let me introduce myself … | @larry_jane__ is a vintage collection and fashion styling studio in the Lincoln Warehouse. Known for its vintage denim selection, as well as a diverse assortment from the ’60s through the early 2000s, Larry Jane offers community and creativity through clothing and found objects. Always striving for authentic storytelling through personal style and design. All humans welcome.

Real Tinsel

Fri: 5-9 pm, Sat: 12-5 pm
1013 W. Historic Mitchell St.

40 Hour Work Week and Open Studios | A collaborative drawing exhibition made over the course of one week as well as six open studios.

The Alice Wilds

Fri: Reception 5-8PM, Sat: 11AM-5PM
900 S. 5th St., #102

Daniel McCullough: At Night | In a new exhibition from Milwaukee-based visual artist and photographer Daniel McCullough, At Night explores the vast and invisible space between the camera lens and the recorded image. Using the magical properties of light as a subject and as a tool for abstraction, the exhibition features photographs shot during all hours of the day, but references the atmosphere of night and the darkness, mystery and beauty that it brings.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

Fri: 5-7PM, Sat: 1-5PM
839 S. 5th St.

12th Annual Youth Art Show + Featured Member: Emmanuel Guerra | Join us for the 12th Annual Young Artists Exhibition, where we celebrate the creativity and talent of young artists aged 6 to 18. This year’s exhibition, inspired by the theme “Bridging Communities,” showcases captivating artworks produced during WPCA’s 2024 Summer Art Camp. Explore captivating projects in stop motion, assemblage, film and mixed media, all crafted by these talented youth. And don’t miss the 2023-2024 Featured Member Exhibition, featuring the remarkable works of Emmanuel Guerra.

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