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Arts @ Large Community Center

Exhibition Dates:  Jan 17–Mar 31
Event Hours: Friday: 5-10pm | Saturday: 8am-2pm
1100 South 5th St.  |   414-763-7379

The Diviner’s Eyes: A Visual Art Collection By Muneer Bahauddeen

This artwork represents the Spiritual/Visual Relationship between the Yoruba People of Nigeria, the Norse Vikings of Sweden, the Akan People of Ghana and the Mayan Culture of Mexico. The Artist’s intention is to illustrate that the meanings of symbols have cross-culture similarities. This collection consisting of ceramics, lithographs and mixed-media pieces was inspired by symbols that speak of higher conscience, spiritual breakthroughs, ancestral relationships, humankind, love and destiny fulfilment. Muneer Bahauddeen, a nationally recognized Ceramicist, Muralist and Visual Artist has been an active member of the Milwaukee art scene for over 40 years.

The Alice Wilds

Event Dates: Jan 17–Feb 29
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9 PM
900 S 5th St. Suite 102  |  414-635-0887

Formation of Iridescent Structures: Works by Grant Gill

Iridescence, as a natural phenomenon, is an old form of magic that is in a constant state of shifting—as a surface it optically manipulates light in prismatic ways, observed differently in both time and space. It also has formed culturally as a symbol of queerness. In his first solo exhibition, Milwaukee-based artist Grant Gill uses this ideation of iridescence to further exhibit his understandings of queerness, magic, and their synonymous applications within his practice. Formation of Iridescent Structures presents a selection of objects and images that shift between states of flexibility, desire, and play as queer magic.

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