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Renaissance Building

My name is Dustin Reinholtz, I am a photographer born and raised in Wisconsin.  I’ve always enjoyed exploration; seeing and experiencing places I’ve never been before, and finding adventure there.  My sense of adventure really developed during my time as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army.  BlueCord.Imagery is derived from my experiences serving this country, my sense of adventure, and my love of photography. I am most interested in photographing the American Southwest, and of course, my home state of Wisconsin.

I believe Wisconsin offers some of the best natural scenery in the U.S., bolstered by the best fall foliage transition and the four seasons.  Our state also offers some of the most iconic structures in the Midwest.  These ideas serve as the inspiration for this gallery, and I invite you to come and enjoy our Natural and Iconic Wisconsin.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit this gallery and experience my work, I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed it.

If you are interested in purchasing an item on display please email me at bluecordimagery@gmail.com or visit my website and fill out the “Contact” section or call 414-975-0913.

Lily Pad Gallery West

Exhibition: January 15 – January 29, 2021
Event Hours: Friday 11am-8pm | Saturday 11am-6pm
215 N Broadway  |  414-509-5756

Virtual Gallery Night MKE

Lily Pad Gallery West provides the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art. With over 300 works from over 70 distinct artists, Lily Pad Gallery West represents styles ranging from modern contemporary to that reminiscent of the 19th century French and Dutch masters. Tour our most recent hang virtually following the link on our website!

Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN)

Exhibition: January 9-17, 2021
191 N Broadway | 414-604-6276

 MARNmembers Virtual Exhibit

Continuing to exhibit and moving forward to a better 2021

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Exhibition: January 15 – March 5, 2021
Hours: Friday: By appointment (in person), Virtual exhibit available online
273 E Erie Street | 414-847-3200

Type Portrait – Tangible Type

TYPE Portrait – Tangible TYPE, featuring the work of Yeohyun Ahn and Teokyeom Lee, explores the symbiotic relationship of technology, design and typography. Typography, often an invisible art form behind human language, dates back to the birth of written language. Today, digital cameras, 3D printing and other emerging technologies provide new opportunities for innovation and exploration.


Sally Duback

Exhibition: January 11 – 15, 2021
Event Hours: Friday: 9 am – 9 pm, Saturday: 9 am – 9 pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 301  | 262-389-5534

a year on the river

My home studio looks out on the Milwaukee River, which is ever changing. The river floods often, which can be a little unnerving; but mostly fascinating. These paintings represent my visceral response to seasons, weather conditions, and floods I have observed over the past year.

Tory Folliard Gallery

Exhibition: January 8 – February 6, 2021
Hours: Tues-Friday 11-5  |  Saturday 11-4
233 N. Milwaukee St |  414-273-7311

Bands and Feathers

 El Gato Chimney, a Milan based artist, paints a surreal history of invented animal kingdoms. His paintings portray the tension of duality: the beautiful and the bizarre, the humorous and the horrific. The artist’s formal techniques and style compare to naturalist James John Audubon, but his depictions of real and imagined creatures and landscapes relate to the bizarre scenes of Hieronymus Bosch. Chimney’s paintings present a deceptive world awaiting deciphering, describing the vices and the virtues of a world split between a daytime utopia and an unquiet night.

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