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Lily Pad Gallery West

Jeff Faust: Journey of the Juxtaposed

Join us in celebrating our Three Year Anniversary this weekend! With over 300 works of art from over 70 distinct artists, Lily Pad Gallery West provides the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art. Surrealist artist Jeff Faust will be joining us for a special pop-up exhibition, “Journey of the Juxtaposed.” Meet the artist and enjoy refreshments and conversation.

Exhibition Dates:  10/17 – 10/19
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm  |  Saturday: 11am-5pm
215 N Broadway  |  414-509-5756

Aurora Health Care

Low-Fi N.Y.

Milwaukee photographer, Lily Shea, gives you a front row view of the street sights in New York City. A blend of long exposure and low light photography create a cinematic experience in this display. Scenic urban landscapes and candid human snapshots open a window to the eyes of this artist in the Big Apple.

Exhibition Dates:  10/18
Event Hours: Friday: 5-8pm
163 N. Milwaukee St.  |  414.291.8800


Sculpted by Nature

Experience awe-inspiring minerals and gemstones from around the globe, with impressive colors and extraordinary natural sculptures, which are sure to please everyone. Natures stunning crystal forms attractive displays and gemstones produce amazing effects. Browse and shop nature’s remarkable creations. Knowledgeable and helpful experts will be available during the show, as well as Wednesday-Friday 10-4, and by request.

Exhibition Dates: 10/18 – 10/19
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm  |  Saturday: 12-4pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 604  |  414-455-8250

CR Davidson Art


A smattering of artworks by some of my favorite artists will be featured as part of the Gallery Night MKE launch. Come to view textiles by Kent Williams and Sonji Hunt, paintings by Carl Davidson, Margaret Lockwood, Ginnie Cappaert, Emmet Johns, prints by various Wisconsin artists along with ceramic sculptures from the Harbinger Series by Darlene Wesenberg Rzezorlarski. A special feature will be a sale of digital collages by Robin Krauss and art oddities from the CR Davidson storeroom. Office hours are by appointment, special event, or chance.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 17 – Nov 16, 2019
Event Dates: Friday: 12-9pm | Saturday: 11am-4pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 524   |   414-303-9389

Frank Juarez Gallery

Purgatory Misplaced: New Work by Rob Neilson

The term purgatory comes to us from the Latin purgatorium, meaning “a place of cleansing”. The content of this new body of free standing and relief sculpture is centered on the exchange between the idiosyncratic and collective associations borrowed from the imagery of the iconic depictions coupled with the form of classical bust sculpture: Specifically, the form of the double herma with its implications of borders and boundaries. With the ethos that in an absurd world only the farcical is truly genuine, Neilson creates sculptures that tease at the liminal spaces existing somewhere between truth and fiction, joy and suffering, redemption and damnation.

Exhibition through October 26, 2019
Event Hours:  Friday: 6-9pm  |  Saturday: 11am-4pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 600  |  920-559-7181

Gallery 218

Fall Showcase

Original contemporary fine art. Featuring painting,photography, printmaking, clayworks. Artists exhibiting: Judith Hooks,mixed media. Bernie Newman, JoAnne O’Hare, Martha Coaty,Scott Onsager, Lew Cadkin, Carol Liesenfelder. Live jazz by The Insouciant Duo, appetizers, cash bar. Located on the second floor of the Marshall Building. Accepting artists applications.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 18 – Nov 8
Event Hours: Friday: 5-10pm  |  Saturday: 12-5pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 218   |   414-643-1732

Gallery 2o7

A contemporary gallery featuring unique 2d and 3d art in multiple mediums by a variety of area artists. For Gallery Night and Day, featuring works inspired by Noah’s Wife, a novel by Milwaukee native Lindsay Starck. Loosely drawing on the tale of Noah’s Ark, Starck develops a modern fable which reflects on climate change, feminism, the strength of the human spirit, community and hope.

Exhibition Dates: Open Thursdays, Fridays 11am-4pm, Saturdays noon – 4pm and by appointment
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9PM |  Saturday: 10:AM-4PM
207 E Buffalo St. Suite 130  |   414-431-2368

High Def Health

Pop-Up Stairs

Pop-Up and see the works of art from members of the Shorewood Artists Guild in the amazing space that is High Def Health. The show consists of realism, colorful illustrations, contemporary abstraction and stylized paintings. Meet the artists and learn about their individual processes.

Exhibition Dates:  10/18/19
Event Hours:  Friday: 5-9pm
326 N. Water St. 2nd Floor  |   414-331-6843

Hoffman York

THEN & NOW The Photographic Journey Of Chip Duncan

Hoffman York, an ad agency with travel and tourism clients, is proud to feature the work of filmmaker Chip Duncan. After more than 20 years shooting motion footage, Duncan picked up a still camera in 2004 and for him, nothing has been quite the same since learning to tell a story in a single frame. The exhibit includes 30 images from faraway lands including portraits from Ethiopia, Peru and Colombia along with large format prints from his books Inspiring Change and Enough To Go Around as well as several new landscape images from Alaska and Ethiopia.

Exhibition Dates:  Friday, October 18
Event Hours:  Friday: 6-9pm
200 N. Water St.   |   414-289-9700

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

In this body of mine

This group exhibition by the Strange Fire Collective features primarily photography and focuses on social justice themes that critically question the dominant social hierarchy and engages the community in meaningful dialogue about art, gender, race and equity, politics, history and more.

Exhibition through 12/7/19

Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Midwest Juried Exhibition

The SPE Midwest Juried Exhibition brings together professional and student members of this photographic organization. The exhibited works are loosely tied by the photographic medium itself and highlight the various approaches and concerns of artists working with photography today.

Exhibition through 10/27/19
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm | Saturday: 10am-5pm
273 E. Erie St.  |  414-847-3200

Portrait Society Gallery

Susceptible to Images: A 10th anniversary celebration

One of Milwaukee’s most daring, diverse contemporary art venues celebrates its 10th anniversary with Susceptible to Images, a group exhibition featuring 17 gallery artists. What began as a 300 square foot room is now 1500 square feet of exhibition space featuring work in all media. Come celebrate and receive a free commemorative gift. Artists include: Herman Aquirre, Lois Bielefeld, Mark Brautigam, Steve Burnham, Tracy Cirves, Bernard Gilardi, Skully Gustafson, Thomas Haneman, Sharon Kerry Harlan, Romano Johnson, Rosemary Ollison, Mark Ottens, Rafael Francisco Salas, J. Shimon and Lauren Semivan, Carri Skoczek, M. Winston and Della Wells.

Exhibition through Nov 9, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm  |  Saturday: 12-5pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 526  |  414-870-9930

Sadler Gallery

Fall Show 2019

The gallery showcases new and inspiring works by growing and established artists. Specializing in custom framing, the Sadler Gallery’s skilled staff along with owner, Frank Sadler, can help you with proper placing and arrangement of your home or office interiors. The original 1,400 square feet has a new addition of 1,200 square feet making it one of Milwaukee’s largest galleries, we can accommodate very large number of art works. The fall show will feature works by Lisa Brobst, Eric Oates, Eduard Gurevich, Brooklyn Henke, Sasha Kinens, Tom Hoffman, Bridget Griffith Evans and Ilya Zomb.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 18th – Dec 18th
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm  |  Saturday: 11am 3pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 200  |  414-870-1453

San Remy Gallery

Gallery Night and Day

San Remy proudly presents an eclectic mix of original art, both contemporary and traditional, from some of the most talented artists in the greater Milwaukee area. SRG is an artist CO-OP displaying painting, sculpture, furniture, wearable fiber art, jewelry and mixed media.

Exhibition Dates: Ongoing
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm | Saturday: 12-5pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 14  |  414-587-9249

SB Framing Gallery

Nature Revealed-Julie Briede Ibar

Come reflect in the paintings of Julie Briede Ibar as she records nature’s moment in time. For Julie, sunlight, which illuminates, casts shadows, and sets a mood, captures her attention while movement and rituals of birds and animals fascinate. Food, drink and music provided.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 18-21, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5 – 8pm
409 E. Buffalo St.  |   414-431-5050

Sevva Salon

Bound by the Beauty

Emily John is showing her vivacious, colorful, and affordable watercolors for two days only! Come visit!

Exhibition Dates: October 18-19
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm | Saturday: 10am-6pm
229 N. Water St.  |  414-291-8888

The Hudson Business and Lounge

Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council Member Exhibition

The WDCC presents diverse work from featured members. Artists include: John Bowers (Ceramics), Brian Breider (Ceramics), Joyce Czernicki (Fiber Art), Faith Ann Givings (Ceramics), Jen Loberg (Leather), Marla Morris Kennedy (Fiber Art), Lynn Oehlke (Metel Jewelry), Thomas Pscheid (Digital Photography), Ian Sustar (Wood), Ken Swanson (printmaking), Mary Wohlgemuth and Michael Thee (Jewelry).

Exhibition Dates:  Friday, October 18
Event Hours:  Friday: 5-9pm
310 E. Buffalo St.  |   414-220-9460

The Renaissance Gallery

Shadow Accretion by Nirmal Raja

The intangible and the ever changing are fascinating places to explore in my work. As a transplanted individual living between two cultures, I try to identify where and how I fit into a place. Liminal concepts like memory and perception of time and space are natural extensions for this exploration, I address remembrance as transitional: how we add to, subtract from, and refract our memories and our understanding of location.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 2019 – Jan 2020
Event Hours: Friday: 5-7pm  |  Saturday: 11am-3pm
309 N. Water St. Lobby Level  |  414-559-1063

Tory Folliard Gallery

Mythic Menageries

Contemporary artists actively explore the possibilities of animal and naturalist imagery to fabulist ends. Whether these works serve as allegory, political commentary, imaginative world-building, or psychological metaphor, the results demonstrate a magical or fabulist resonance. Exhibiting Artists include Christina Bothwell, Mark Chatterley, El Gato Chimney, Laurie Hogin, Flora Langlois, Michael Noland, Anne Siems, Aniela Sobieski, Fred Stonehouse, Tom Uttech, and Robin Whiteman.

Event Hours: Friday: 6-9pm  |  Saturday: 11am-4pm
233 N. Milwaukee St.  |  414.273.7311

WB Artist Studio

Other World

Artists, Maria Knier and Karen Williams-Brusubardis, will be exhibiting paintings and sculptures celebrating the transitional time between seasons, the space between worlds and the creatures that dwell within.

Exhibition Dates: October 18 & 19
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm  |  Saturday: 12-4pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 504  |  414-239-2226


Open Studio

Welcome to the ZANMIXINC studio. Take a peek at where we work and check out new prints, photos, paintings and leather goods. Lots of handmade things that make great gifts for the holidays.

Exhibition Dates:  October 18 and 19
Event Hours:  Friday: 5-9pm  |  Saturday: 12-4pm
207 E Buffalo St. Suite 305  |  414-418-1092

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