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Integration Healing | Alivo Integral

Fri. 6 – 8pm
316 N Milwaukee Street, Suite 325 | 312.720.1615

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces is the solo debut of outsider artist Robert Kelpine and how he has been actively using art as a tool in his daily mental health struggles. Bits and Pieces is the visual depiction of the last 18 months of his journey.

2A Wine Merchants

Friday 5 – 9 pm
577 E Erie St | 414.763.0396

Janelle Gramling + Jenny Jo Wennlund

Sculptor Janelle Gramling and poet and painter Jenny Jo Wennlund are collaborating to create functional ceramic wares adorned with painterly designs, small surprising objects, and experimental mixed-media sculptures.

Aquae Nguvu Gallery and Studio

Friday 4 to 9pm | Saturday 12pm to 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 130 | 414.943.0039

A Woman’s Worth

A collective of 8 women, ages 24 to 83, paying tribute to and exploring A Women’s Worth from the artists’ perspective. A variety of mediums, including Assemblage, Collage, Sculpture, Painting and Spoken Word. Opening remarks and Spoken Word performance at 6 p.m. on Jan. 20.

Gallery 218

Fri. 5 – 10pm; Sat. 12 – 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 218 | 414.326.0264

Winter Showcase 32

Gallery artists Judith Hooks, Bernie Newman, Carole Glass, Marie Mellott, and others. Painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and live music

Holly Harris Studios

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 11 am – 4 pm
207 E Buffalo St, Suite 500 | 305.778.9380

It’s a Process

Artists are unique in their approach and style, much of which is developed through observation, experimentation and, quite frankly, trial and error. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to create art, that is uniquely the artists’ approach. On Saturday, Jan. 21, at 2 p.m., Holly will demonstrate her approach to creating small flow abstract pieces using colored resin.

Lily Pad | West

Fri. 5 – 9pm; Sat. 11am – 6pm
215 N Broadway | 414.509.5756

Within Villages of Stone

Andy Newman creates dynamic landscape and figurative work inspired by European architecture and countryside. Highly textured and with an emphasis on shape and color over a particular form, Newman’s works border on the abstract.


Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 10am – 4pm
191 N Broadway | 414.485.0033

The Further We Reach, The Closer We See

The exhibition features the work of 30 visual art CREATIVE level MARN members located in Southeast Wisconsin; each artwork selected individually responds to the following exhibition prompt: to visualize a greater understanding of our lived reality, memory, human history, and environment by indexing the past, present and future.

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Fri. 5 – 9PM | Sat. 10AM – 5PM
273 E Erie Street | 414.847.3200

Art Against the Odds: Wisconsin Prison Art / Wig Heavier Than a Boot: The Work of David Johnson

MIAD will feature two outstanding exhibitions. “Art Against the Odds: Wisconsin Prison Art” is a statewide prison art exhibition featuring more than 60 artists who turned to creative production to mitigate the dehumanizing conditions of incarceration. “Wig Heavier Than a Boot” brings together photography by David Johnson and poetry by Philip Matthews. The project crosses art-making rituals with performances within domestic spaces and pastoral landscapes.

Oil, A City Gallery

Fri. 5 – 9PM | Sat. 11AM – 4PM
207 E Buffalo Street, First Floor | 414.426.8353


A show of portraits, figuratives and natural landscapes; a change of pace from the urban world.

Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art

Fri. 5 – 8pm | Sat. 12 – 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street,#526 | 414-870-9930

Phoenix Brown and Ashley Lusietto

Two contemporary artists expand the form of personal narrative by moving away from representation into symbolic and fractured storytelling. Their paintings implode ideas of seamless coherence, opting for constructed, dislocated, optically energized notions of gender and personal lore. In addition to paintings, Lusietto will include a group of ragtag papier mache sculptures.

Riley’s Social House

Friday 5-9PM | Saturday 10AM-4PM
411 E. Menomonee St

Dog People Art Show

View and purchase dog/human hybrid portraits by illustrator Ivy McConnell. Can you recognize some of the local pups?

Tory Folliard Gallery

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 11am – 4pm
233 N Milwaukee Street |  414.273.7311


Mixing bold colors, graphic elements and figures, Wisconsin painter Guzzo Pinc creates dynamic compositions on jute canvases. Large swaths of flat, colorful shapes provide exciting movement and tension, resulting in a visually striking body of work that wavers between abstraction and figuration.


Urban Law

Fri. 5 – 9pm
147 N Broadway | 414.704.7207

May Klisch – The Abstract Exhibit

The “Urban” series of abstract works by May Klisch is a nod to the built environment that she has come to appreciate in downtown Milwaukee, surrounding areas and structures (Historic Third Ward, Walkers’ Point, bridges, freeways, etc). Whether we realize it or not, there is an emotional connection we have to this infrastructure, construction, and hardware — as we hang the tapestry of our lives on the city’s weathered bones.

Vino Third Ward

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 12-4PM
219 E Erie St | 414.277.8466

Music & Art at Vino

Music & Art at Vino | New acrylic art by Michael Weiss and $5 paint-a-wine glass Friday & Saturday; Colorflow Tarot Card readings and live music by Justin With & Co. Friday only.

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