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Italian Community Center

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 10-4PM
631 E. Chicago St. • 414.223.2180

It’s About Time

The exhibition, It’s About Time, brings together Richard Lazzaro, Andre Ferrella and Antonio Testolin who have been friends for more than thirty years sharing an Italian heritage and cultural passion, all the while exchanging aesthetic opinions and ideas. Their relationship began when Richard Lazzaro was a professor and a mentor of Andre and Antonio. Over time they have individually developed their own unique and independent styles.  Each has created innovative works in a variety of media applying new emerging sensibilities and technology. Uniquely, they have found a path to invigorate their art with contemporary thought and process. It’s About Time, their journey of artistic achievements, is collectively pondered, compared, and contrasted in one exhibition.

Aquae Nguvu Gallery and Studio

Friday 5 to 9pm | Saturday 12pm to 5pm
207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 130 | 414.943.0039

Mosaics and Paintings

Indie La Londe works mainly in the realm of abstract mosaic, painting and sculpture. Her fascination with light and its vast capabilities holds a pivotal role in determining the materials she selects. Through movement, each of her compositions explores the manipulation and translation of pattern into an expression of energy as a physical form.

Barton Cerjak S.C.

Fri: 5-9PM
313 N. Plankinton Ave., #208 • 414.488.1822

In Black & White: A Kaleidoscope Of Keith Dotson’s Monochrome Photography

This exhibition will showcase the stunning imagery of world-renowned photographer and Barton Cerjak S.C.’s artist-in-residence, Keith Dotson, who specializes in black-and-white photography. Apart from being marveled in private collections across the globe, Keith’s work has been featured in major motion pictures, television series, and most recently, in Ken Burns’ new book, “Our America: A Photographic History.” Join us Friday to witness Keith’s work firsthand, learn more about his Wisconsin connection, and enjoy some “liquid art” and live music.

BeingNau Gallery

Fri: 5-10PM, Sat: 12-5PM
159 N. Jackson St., #102 • 262.227.5888

Being Spring Nau

Visual narratives of interconnectivity.

Brian Breider Gallery

Friday 5-9 pm | Saturday Noon-2pm
207 E. Buffalo St., #524 | 414-847-3200

Unpredicted Events

“Unpredicted Events” is a group of photographic works that draw from the unknown and the unseen.

Edessa School of Fashion

Sat: 12-4PM
191 N. Broadway | 414.877.7141

Fresh From New York!

Several Edessa School of Fashion garments will be on display from its recent show at New York Fashion Week. Enjoy live mannequin modeling while sipping a beverage and enjoying the MARN Marketplace and featured exhibition.

Explorium Brewpub Third Ward

Friday 5 – 9PM | Saturday 10AM – 4PM
143 W. St. Paul Avenue | 414.423.1365

Craft Cocktail and Culinary Art

Stop by Explorium to give our craft cocktail and culinary art a try! Enjoy live music with the Alec Baca Combo from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 22.

Gallery 218

Fri. 5 – 10pm; Sat. 12 – 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 218 | 414.326.0264

An Abstract Nature

Exhibit includes painting, pastels and photography inspired by nature. Artists include: Judith Hooks, Bernie Newman, Carole Glass, Marie Mellott, Jan Jahnke and others. Friday night features live jazz by Elevator Trio, with light appetizers and a cash bar. 

Hillary Counseling

Fri: 5-8PM, Sat: 11-3PM
316 N. Milwaukee Street, #401 | 414.522.7512

History & Fables

Kendra Moeri’s art is influenced by 19th century photography, nature, history and fairy tales. This body of work features mainly subjects inspired by the past as well as from fables and dreams. She paints mainly with acrylic, but also uses watercolor, gouache, ink, oil pastel and colored pencil. All the pieces in this collection are painted with acrylic.

Holly Harris Studios

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 12 pm – 4 pm
207 E Buffalo St, Suite 500 | 305.778.9380

Six Steps…& Repeat

Artist Holly Harris will visually take you through the Six Steps of her creative process.

Integration Healing | Alivo Integral

Fri: 5-8PM, Sat: 11AM-2PM
316 N. Milwaukee St., #325 • 312.720.1615


NETOPIA is a solo art exhibition about wonder and awe, bringing to life the “Not Yet Language of an Idea” through the I-MAGIC of Neto Atkinson’s existence into a colorful reality. In this series of artwork, he verbalizes in color, ideas and dreams; he learns from himself about himself and the connections that he has with humanity.

Julius Brown

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 1-5PM
316 N. Milwaukee St., #360


Julius Brown presents his latest exhibit, 1000 MANDALAS, featuring a room-sized 3-channel video installation packed with color and movement. Several wall-mounted 2D sculptures and a retrospective of video works (2012-2022) will also be included.

Lily Pad | West

Fri. 5 – 9pm; Sat. 11am – 6pm
215 N Broadway | 414.509.5756

In a Place of Dreams

France Jodoin’s fantastical landscapes blur the lines between air, land and sea. Shrouded in mist and muted color, suggestions of people, ships and buildings create frameworks for imaginations to run wild. Composed of fragments from the artist’s memory, both real and imagined, the worlds created by France Jodoin spark a suggestion of a simpler time with a slower pace.


Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 10am – 4pm
191 N Broadway | 414.485.0033

2022-23 MARNmentorship Exhibition

“Real conversations, new ways of thinking, artistic relationships.” – Meghan McGrath (MARNmentee) and Amy Cannestra (MARNmentor) Visit the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB for April Gallery Night & Day. Enjoy a beverage, experience the current exhibition showcasing works from the members of the 2022-23 MARNmentorship program, as well as shop handmade art from Milwaukee-based artists at MARN’s MARKETPLACE. Alongside the exhibition is the release of the MARNmentorship artist book, which represents an archive celebrating each mentor and mentees’ work and ideas.

Material Studios + Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM; Sat: 10AM-4PM
207 E. Buffalo Street, #600 | 414.559.1063

Gallery Night + Day Exhibit

Material Studios + Gallery is 6900+ square feet of creative space. We are a space for artists to create, develop their entrepreneurial practice. We offer the community an intimate look into the process of creating, develop a relationship with the artists, and contribute to their success. Material also houses arts organizations that fuel the health and well being of the local economy. We invite you to meet our artists in our collective, add to or start an art collection through direct purchase.

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Fri. 5 – 9PM | Sat. 10AM – 5PM
273 E Erie Street | 414.847.3200

MIAD 2023 Senior Exhibition

MIAD’s annual Senior Exhibition returns in 2023! See innovative solutions meet traditional practices in MIAD’s 2023 Senior Exhibition. The exhibition celebrates works of MIAD’s largest graduating class of emerging creative professionals in all disciplines.

Oil, A City Gallery

Fri. 5 – 9PM | Sat. 11AM – 4PM
207 E Buffalo Street, First Floor | 414.426.8353

Oil & Water

Watercolors on original display by founding artist Hal Koenig and debut water and agrarian scenes by resident artist Richard Patt

Pamela Anderson Studio + Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 10-4PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #210 • 414.559.1063

Color Sensations

Pamela Anderson, an abstract artist, invites you to visit her studio space to see new works. Known for her vibrant, bold use of color, she creates paintings and sculptures that tantalize your senses with her use of color, shape, and form.

Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art

Fri. 5 – 8pm | Sat. 12 – 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street,#526 | 414-870-9930

Cruces|Crossroads: Herman Aguirre Martinez and Rafael Francisco Salas

The word Cruces means crossroads or cross in Spanish. The exhibition presents two artists who feel that their work and their lives occupy crossroads where their Hispanic backgrounds and cultural histories intersect with societal challenges of assimilation. The divides that occur between rural and urban, the USA and Mexico, communities and gang intrusions, past and present are explored in paintings and drawings.

Sadler Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 11-3PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #200 • 414.870.1453

Spring Show

Sadler Gallery showcases traditional to contemporary paintings, prints and sculpture by local and international artists. In addition to our featured artists, Gallery Night & Day will include Vintage 20th Century Poster Art focusing on both popular and alternative culture. From Elizabeth Taylor to Pearl Jam, this event includes art in advertising and promotional memorabilia.

The Journeyman Hotel

Fri: 4-10PM, Sat: 10-2PM
310 E. Chicago St. | 414.291.3970

The Work of Elvia Pena Savage

For Elvia Peña Savage, art is a way to express the beauty of life. She is continuously inspired by the seasons as she captures the many colors of the landscape in her powerful and striking work.

Tory Folliard Gallery

Fri. 5 – 9pm | Sat. 11am – 4pm
233 N Milwaukee Street |  414.273.7311

Derrick Buisch and Clarence Morgan: New Paintings

Vibrating lines morph into playful symbols of pop culture, and brilliant color combinations provide jolts of electric energy in paintings by Wisconsin artist Derrick Buisch. Meant to be visually engaging and potentially unnerving, Buisch combines evocative imagery with moments of uneasy hilarity. The expansive work of Clarence Morgan celebrates the malleability of art, rooted in tradition while continually shape-shifting to challenge specific cultural expectations. Throughout his decades-long career as a widely exhibited painter, draftsman and printmaker, Morgan’s style has gradually evolved from academic representation to biomorphic abstraction, including pattern, geometry, and the mesmerizing simplicity of “drawing the line.”


Urban Law

Fri. 5 – 8pm
147 N Broadway | 414.704.7207

People, Portraits and Paintings

Artist Jennifer Cooney Vulpas: “My grandmother was a painter and my aunt was a celebrated illustrator. I have explored their art through my life and their lives through my art. This show is an homage to them.”

Vino Third Ward

Fri: 5:30-9PM, Sat: 12-4PM & 6 PM-close
219 E Erie St | 414.277.8466

Artistic Expression in Different Forms

Visit Friday night and Saturday afternoon to enjoy the art of Michael Weiss. In addition, Friday night will feature live acoustic music. Saturday afternoon features a DIY experience and Saturday night brings an “After Gallery” event of a one-woman comedy show.

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