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Holly Harris Studios

Fri: 6-9PM, Sat: 12-3PM
207 E Buffalo St, Suite 500 | 305.778.9380

Open Studio

Visit the working studio of artist Holly Harris. View her many styles of art and engage in light conversation with the artist.

Aquae Nguvu Gallery and Studio

Fri: 4-9PM | Sat: 11 AM-5PM
207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 130 | 414.943.0039

Being Here (continued)

Janie Hastings Gupton — New work exploring the plasticity of sheet metal.

Ascension Third Ward

Fri: 5-9PM
174 N. Broadway | 414.777.3060

“Nature’s Cocktails” by Deborah Brooks

A collection of paintings that mirror the qualities of a well-made cocktail. Each piece embodies a balanced palette of sweet, sour, bitter, and savory tones, meticulously crafted with the finest artist materials.

BeingNau Gallery

Fri: 5-9 pm; Sat: 9-11 am
159 N. Jackson St., Ste. 102 • 949.395.6929

Springtime Live Art Plus One

Featuring Anna Alicia Rodriguez, an author and visual artist from Milwaukee, as well as the collected works of Brian Nau.

Carolyn Wonders Art Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 10AM-4PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #508 | 262.894.4704

The Art of Carolyn Wonders

Modern life with its social, political and cultural debates leaves us all raw, triggered and anxious. We are bombarded by rhetoric that is carefully chosen to obscure truth and advance agendas. I see art as a universal language that can transcend that which twists us into parrots of this rhetoric. Living with art you love and seeing through an artist’s eyes can help us see these superficial debates for what they are and get us in touch with what really matters.

Gallery 218

Fri: 5-10PM, Sat: 12-5PM
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 218 | 414.326.0264

An Abstract Nature

Celebrating our 20th year in the Marshall Building’s 2nd floor. Wisconsin artists include: Judith Hooks, Bernie Newmanarie Mellott, Jan Jahnke, Karen Goetzinger, Ellen Raines, Tom Friese, Jane Constable, Bill Wiedner and Guntis Lauzums. Painting, pastels, photography, digital art and encaustics. Friday live jazz by LuLu Swing Band, appetizers and cash bar. 


Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 12-4PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #209 | 262.497.6110


Impenduum is a multi-platform design exhibit.

Integration Healing | Alivo Integral

Fri: 5-8PM, Sat: 11AM-2PM
316 N. Milwaukee St., #325 • 312.720.1615

Seeing Invisible Beings

A solo photography exhibition by Milwaukee Artist Jenny Urbanek intentionally highlighting relationality through documenting thriving flora in often-overlooked spaces. This collection examines microecologies while challenging modernity’s inherent disconnection from nature, our surroundings, each other, and ourselves. This exhibition advocates for a reconnection to our environments by fosterin a sense of renewed reverence and attunement towards the intricate relationships between nature, ecosystems and ourselves.

Italian Community Center

Fri: 5-9 pm | Sat: 10 am-1 pm
631 E. Chicago St. | 414.223.2180

The Artist Within

Steeped in the traditions of glass mosaic works and the female nude, Anthony Lauer (Gigante) has combined imagery and composition into an array of reflectivity and glass. Anthony is a Visual Arts Teacher at Rufus King International High School. Take an architectural journey through Italy and Sicily viewing the doors of its cities. Using photography, Gina Jorgensen (Sciortino) will give you access to the beauty and mystery of her ancestral homeland. Gina is a Milwaukee Public School Visual Arts Teacher Leader. Third Ward history is shown through mixed media pieces created by Cris Hart (Spicuzza), a Visual Arts Teacher at Marshall High School. His series of drawings and paintings explores the neighborhood’s evolution, capturing the essence of its industrial beginnings, the scars of urban decline and the vibrant rebirth it’s experiencing today.

Julius Brown

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 1-4PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #402

Open Studio

For this event, Julius Brown will unveil his newest creation, Descend, an absorbing video work displayed in an unexpected manner. Also included will be his signature wall-sized videos and numerous still images in various formats. A unique immersive experience.

Kim Storage Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 11AM-4PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #404

Déjà Vu All Over Again

The Kim Storage Gallery invites you to its grand opening event, promising an evening filled with art, conversation and discovery. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artists, view the inaugural exhibitions and immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art.

Lily Pad | West

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 11AM-6PM
215 N. Broadway | 414.509.5756

Figuration and Form

Figurative art is a style of art in which the artist represents real-life subjects or objects, such as people, animals or landscapes, in a recognizable and realistic manner. Figurative art is often contrasted with abstract art, which focuses on conveying emotions, ideas or concepts through non-representational forms. We welcome artist Stacy Kamin for our next exhibition. Kamin says of her life-long obsession of creating art: “I believe artwork is supposed to evoke emotions and feelings in human beings. When I see a great painting, it talks to my soul; it speaks to me in a profound way. The reason I strive to improve is the magic of capturing life on a flat surface will forever intrigue me. I want my own work to provoke such thoughts and emotions to the beauty that captivates me still.” Additional exhibition art includes work by JoAnn Ballinger, Liz Gribin, France Jodoin, Kathy Jones, Shelby Keefe, Dan McCaw, Danny McCaw, Alfredo Palermo, Michael Patterson, and Shirley Cean Youngs. Painting demonstration by Stacy Kamin on Saturday at 2 pm.


Fri: 8AM-9PM, Sat: 8AM-8PM
191 N. Broadway | 414.485.0033

2023-2024 MARNmentorship Exhibition

MARN invites the public to attend a film screening and artist talk with MARNmentor Alix Anne Shaw at 5 pm, then enjoy specialty cocktails and new food & beverage offerings from our bar while touring the space and engaging with the exhibiting artists. This exhibition features the artists as a part of the 2023-204 MARNmentorship Program, now in its 22nd year. In this diverse assembly of interdisciplinary artists, each creator acts as a storyteller, weaving narratives that resonate with the essence of identity and the contemporary human experience.

Material Studios + Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 11AM-4PM
207 E. Buffalo Street, #600 | 414.559.1063

2024 Spring Gallery Weekend Show

Material Affiliates exhibit their latest works. Our studio space is filled with a diverse mix of artists, with many different mediums. Painting, ceramics, drawing, mixed media and sculpture. Schedule a visit or view our work online! Thank you for supporting our local arts economy and artists!

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 10AM-5PM
273 E. Erie Street | 414.847.3200

MIAD 2024 Senior Exhibition 

The future is here as MIAD celebrates more than 200 emerging creative professionals at the 2024 Senior Exhibition, on view April 19-May 11. The seniors represent all of MIAD’s Bachelor of Fine Arts disciplines. Always insightful, innovative and driven by empathy, this year’s projects elevate cultural heritages — including Milwaukee’s feminine power, and the inherent human need to be seen and to thrive despite emotional, physical and societal challenges.


Oil Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 11AM-4PM
207 E Buffalo Street, First Floor | 414.426.8353

Spring Salon: All Pictures Great and Small

A salon-style exhibition of more than 150 paintings large-scale to miniature, for every wall and budget.

Pamela Anderson Studio + Gallery

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 11AM-4PM
207 E. Buffalo St., #210 • 414.559.1063

Color as Language

Color can be considered a language with which some people are more intuitive. As a painter, I aim to use color instinctively and with expression, moving away from intellectual thinking about color combinations. Anyone can learn and speak color with practice. To boost color confidence and fluency, it is recommended to spend time with color, experiment, take risks, and practice regularly.

Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art

Fri: 5-8PM, Sat: 11AM-5PM
207 E Buffalo Street,#526 | 414-870-9930

Oscar Gruber: 400 Portraits from the Art Students League and the Automatons of Mathew Gruber 

Oscar Gruber created nearly 400 oil portraits in the 1950s during a decade of attending weekly life (3-hour) drawing sessions at the famous Art Students League in New York City. His son, Mathew, built and engineered some of the first talking automatons which will also be on view. (Mathew died at age 100 in February 2024). A parallel exhibition presents life drawings from contemporary Wisconsin artists. The exhibition runs through May 11. It was co-curated by Seth Ter Haar and Portrait Society Gallery.

Renaissance Building

Fri: 5-9PM
309 N. Water St. • 414.367.5639

The Art of Grand Avenue Club

Visit the stunning Renaissance Building and view the works of artists from the Grand Avenue Club, which offers a unique approach to supporting adults experiencing mental illness.

Sadler Gallery

Fri: 5-9 pm | Sat: 11 am-3 pm
207 E. Buffalo Street, #200 | 414.870.1453

Journey in Art, Tom Hoffman

“I was very fortunate to be nurtured, in my youth, surrounded by dedicated professionals who revered the great Masters of painting. Tutored in classes with adults and taken to major art shows, I was escorted into a lifetime of appreciation for the legacy of art given to us. This show represents years of work. Through time the influences that guided me shifted but I have remained faithful to the classical under pinnings of the Western figurative tradition. Rembrandt, Bacon, Pop Art and comic art all played a role as I went along in my labor of love. Doing my utmost to create works of art that are expressive and enjoyable to others.” -Tom Hoffman

The District Row

Fri: 5:30-8:30 pm
249 N. Water St. | thedistrictrow.com

The Musical Artistry of Joe Wray

Feast your eyes on the art of fashion while enjoying music by the maestro of strings and loops, Joe Wray! Wray is a vocalist known for his distinctive renditions of popular crowd favorites. On stage, he’s not just a musician; he’s a one-man band and conductor of excitement, weaving intricate soundscapes with his guitar and loop pedal. His philosophy is simple: Every performance is a shared journey, an obligation to ensure each audience member leaves with a smile and the lasting memory of an unforgettable experience.

The Explorium Brewpub Third Ward

Fri: 5-9PM | Sat: 11:30AM-4PM
143 W. St. Paul Avenue | 414.423.1365

Relics of Prosperity 

Come grab a bite and a beverage while enjoying the artistry of Shelley Smith, The Spunky Bohemian. Shelley’s paintings have juried into over 70 international, national and regional shows, earning numerous honors and are hanging in collections in North America and Europe. Then, stop by on Saturday afternoon 1-4 pm and vibe with local musician Chazy Lüper.

The Journeyman Hotel

Fri: 5-9PM, Sat: 10AM-4PM
310 E. Chicago St. | 414.291.3971

Mike De Sisti Abstract Art

The abstract paintings of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photojournalist, Mike De Sisti.

Third Ward Beer Garden

Fri: 3-9 pm, Sat: noon-9 pm
Catalano Square Park

Third Ward Beer Garden Opening Weekend

Join Milwaukee dignitaries on Friday, April 19, as the Third Ward Beer Garden taps the first keg of beer of the season — the Third Ward’s own Explorium Brewpub’s Copper Lager. The beer tapped from that keg will be FREE to all guests while supplies last. Live music all weekend long!

Tory Folliard Gallery

Fri: 5-8PM, Sat: 11AM-4PM
233 N. Milwaukee Street |  414.273.7311

Folklore | Midwest Pop Surrealist Laurie Hogin creates beautiful yet bizarre apocalyptic landscapes and allegorical animal portraits. Saturated in brilliant color and imbued with elaborate narratives reflecting pop culture and the human experience, her remarkable skill as a painter is inextricably intertwined with her message for humankind. She is deeply concerned by the social and political issues in our contemporary culture. Her dazzling yet disturbing narrative allegories portray the disastrous effects of drug abuse, altered food sources, over-consumerism, and misguided political and economic forces. Her hope is to evoke empathy toward all creatures and the ecosystems that support them. Artist Talk: 2 pm Sat.

Sitting Still | Wisconsin artist Peter Gehrig captures the beauty of everyday moments through his stunning still life and landscape paintings. With each brushstroke, Gehrig invites viewers to pause, reflect and savor the simple joys of life. Using a combination of thick and thin brushstrokes, Gehrig masterfully applies oils to create captivating works of art that celebrate the act of painting itself. His attention to detail and skillful use of color bring his landscapes and still-life compositions to life, capturing the essence of each scene with remarkable clarity. 

Vino Third Ward

Fri: 5-8PM, Sat: 12-4PM
219 E. Erie St. | 414.277.8466

Gallery Night & Day at Vino

Stop by Vino Third Ward for a pop-up art show and a glass (or two) of wine. 

Wicked Alley

Fri. 5 – 9PM, Sat. 11AM-6PM
317 N. Broadway (lower level)

Wavy Daze

Painting series by local multimedia artist and boutique owner LUXI, titled “Wavy Daze,” will be on display at Wicked Alley. Inspired by the idea of a modernized renaissance, and revisiting Y2K nostalgia through a lens of artistic immortality.

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