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Holly Harris Studios

Exhibition: July 22 – 23
Event Hours: Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday 11 am – 4 pm
207 E Buffalo St, Suite 500

Face It…

Artist Holly Harris hosts her journey of exploration in portraiture using a variety of mediums, techniques and styles from traditional to abstract.

Aquae Nguvu Gallery and Studio

Exhibition June 17 – July 27
Event Hours Friday 4 to 9pm; Saturday 11am to 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 130 | 414.943.0039

Joy – (I am my hair)

Show of work by Ruthie Joy, Liala Amin and Val Kupczak; additional artists in the Studio.

Arch Apothecary

Exhibition: July 22 & 23
Event Hours: Friday 5 – 8pm | Saturday All Day
249 N Water St | (414)585-0539

Local Love

Locally curated art from artists Cara Piper, JE GUTH, Baby Deer, Bilsart and out of town artists Alex K. and Mark Arnold.  Live music by Sam Armus (Friday night only), drinks, and eye looks by Arch team.

BeingNau Gallery

Exhibition July 22 and 23, 2022
Event Hours Friday 4 to 11pm; Saturday 10am to 4pm
159 N Jackson Street, Suite 102 | 414.514.5657

Visual Narratives of Interconnectivity.

Bridging our connections through art. Enjoy live music and complimentary refreshments. Participant in a community art project that will be displayed in the gallery. Bring yourself and family and enjoy.

Brian Breider Gallery

Exhibition: July 22 & 23
Event Hours: Friday 5 – 9PM | Saturday 12 – 4PM
207 E Buffalo St

What Lies Beneath

“What Lies Beneath”, an exhibition with Haley Krob & Renee Luna Bebeau offers a peek into the underworld, of places that are hidden away. These artists focus on regenerative processes and concealed networks that go unseen, happening quietly underground. Through natural dyes, handmade paper, and still life renderings of compost scraps, secrets of the darkness are revealed.


En Pointe Gallery & Gifts

Exhibition: July 22 & 23
Event Hours: Friday 11am – 9pm | Saturday 11am – 5pm
159 N Jackson St #104 | (414)808-0068

Summer Selection

You can explore an exciting collection of new artworks by 20 artists. En Pointe Gallery features exceptional paintings in a variety of genres. View exquisite glass, ceramic and wood art. Find the perfect artwork for your home or business. Discover beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind gifts.

Gallery 218

Exhibition July 22 – September 1, 2022
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 10pm; Saturday 12 to 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 218 | (414)326-0264

32nd Anniversary Exhibition

Join us for our 32nd Anniversary party. Exhibiting artists: Judith Hooks, Bernie Newman, Scott Onsager, Carol Liesenfelder, Sheree Wood, Maria Page, Hillary Johnson, Carole Glass, Marie Mellot. Live jazz by String Theory, small appetizers, cash bar on Friday. Regular gallery hours Saturdays 1-6pm. gallery218mke@gmail.com Artist applications accepted.

Lily Pad | West

Exhibition: July 15 – August 21, 2022
Event Hours Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 11am to 6pm
215 N Broadway  |  414.509.5756


Lily Pad | West is pleased to present Labyrinth, an exhibition featuring a new body of work by California-based artist Jeff Faust, as well as new works by John Paul Berry, Allison B. Cooke, Christopher Groves, Jarema Khrushch, and Michael Patterson. Jeff Faust will attend the opening reception on July 22 from 5 to 9 p.m. in conjunction with Gallery Night MKE. Subtly surrealistic at first glance, Jeff Faust’s paintings reveal themselves fully only after a closer inspection. Filled with motifs such as birds, nests, leaves, vessels and clouds, the paintings reveal paths of symbolism into which the viewer can project upon in endless ways. Far from creating imaginary worlds free from strife, Faust’s painted scenes not only acknowledge the reality of hardship but are dependent upon it. Symbols of balance and security, such as eggs, clouds, and fruit, are always shown in combination with an element of danger, be it a precariously placed bird’s nest or a vessel roaming a harsh sea. This juxtaposition contextualizes the scene, offering vulnerability and truth. This exhibition will also mark the second annual rendition of Lily Pad | West’s “Living Art” event. The gallery has partnered with local florists who will create sculptural renditions of a series of new works from our represented artists, each of which also relates to the theme of “Labyrinth.” Shown alongside Jeff Faust’s new work, the exhibition as a whole explores themes of discovery, multiple paths, and unique interpretations. Join us for an opening reception to view the exhibition, meet visiting artist Jeff Faust, and to vote on your favorite floral creation.


Exhibition July 22 – April 14, 2023
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 10am to 4
191 N Broadway | 414.485.0033

Forever in a Day

MARN is pleased to participate in the Historic Third Ward’s 2022 July Gallery Night & Day.

Visit the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB, located at 191 N Broadway, for the 2022 July Gallery Night & Day. Visitors are encouraged to grab a beverage from COFFEE + WINE by Interval, experience the MARN’s new exhibition, “Forever In A Day” by Rakim Wil aka “RA”, participate in a Milwaukee themed workshop as well as explore the offerings of MARN’s MARKETPLACE.

Photos from April 2022 Gallery Night & Day. Visit marnarts.org for updated happenings at the HUB on July 22 and 23!

Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art

Exhibition: June 3 – July 30
Event Hours: Friday 5 to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, 5th Floor | 414-870-9930

Richard Knight: Walking with Purpose and Lauren Semivan: A Map both Distant and Concrete

Richard Knight’s work includes installations, sculpture, paintings and drawings, often nature influenced. Lauren Semivan creates photographs from compositions organized on her studio walls.

Sally Duback | Barbara Manger Studio

Exhibition July 8 – August 20
Event Hours Friday 5 to 8pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 301 | 262-389-5534

Before Render

View new and previously unexhibited works by Michael Lagerman in his first solo exhibition at The Alice Wilds. Lagerman’s current process includes digital and darkroom photography, rephotographing film, and video, scanning photo-historical texts, and making image-based objects. Before Render takes a claim against imagined futures as it resonates a gritty feeling of truth about the present. The included works speculate about the origins and material cultures of images and photography’s ecological impact. The ideas in this presentation take form through the artist’s multimodal approach to image-making. Lagerman’s carefully sourced materials speak to his hopes for the generation of routes towards viable sustainability and the possibilities of photography.


Tory Folliard Gallery

Exhibition July 15 – September 3
Event Hours – Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 11am to 4pm
233 N Milwaukee Street |  414.273.7311

Of Nature

The works in Of Nature lay between the boundaries of the physical and the imaginary realms– glimpses of ephemera and captivations of the natural world reverberate in dynamic, highly detailed depictions in painting, sculpture, and works on paper. Each artist transcends creating a mere likeness of the world around them, and instead, constructs images that achieve a visceral fusion of invention and recollection, beauty and substance.

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