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Gallery 2o7

Exhibition: July 17 – August 1, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: Virtual  |  Saturday: Virtual
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 130  |  414-431-2368

Fresh Eyes

Gallery 2o7, LLC features new works by a number of Milwaukee area artists working in a variety of mediums.

Deborah Brooks Art Studio

Exhibition: July 12 -18 2020
Event Hours: Friday: Virtual  |  Saturday: Virtual
207 E. Buffalo St.  |  414-350-1057

Vibrant Life Collection: Oil paintings

Contact ArtStudio@Deborah-Brooks.com for a list of available work or an appointment with a mask.

Faith Kohler Truglue Artist

Exhibition: July 17-18, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: Virtual
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 600  |  414-305-0139

Contemporary & Social Justice Artwork

Faith Kohler (aka TruGlue Artist) is a filmmaker and visual artist whose medium varies to fit each of the stories her work tells. Originally from New York, Faith is a former federal agent who graduated from Wellesley College and Marquette University Law School. Her mixed-media and digital collages are intended to connect audiences with critical social issues using colors, language and images. Faithís work offers stories of suffering and hope to spark ideas, evoke emotions and start conversations about community and societal improvements.

Gallery 218

Event Hours: Friday 5-9pm  |  Saturday 12-4pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 218  |  414-643-1732

Gallery 218 30TH Anniversary

Contemporary abstract painting, photography, watercolor, encaustic, clay, mixed media works by Wisconsin artists: Judith Hooks, Bernie Newman, Joanne O’Hare, Martha Coaty, Scott Onsager, Carol Liesenfelder, Lew Cadkin, Katherine Simdon. Live jazz by Elevator Trio.

Klisch Studio & Gallery

Exhibition: July 12-August 16, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: 4-8 pm |  Saturday: 12-4 pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 600  |  414-915-0322

Abstracted Realism

A crossover of abstraction in Realism, and realism in Abstract

Lily Pad Gallery West

Event Hours:
215 N Broadway  |  414-509-5756


With over 300 works of art from over 70 distinct artists, Lily Pad Gallery West provides the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art. A special temporary exhibition will be on display, featuring new work by one of our artists. Meet the artist and enjoy refreshments and conversation.

Marian Vieux, Nature Inspired Fine Art & Design

Exhibition: July 12- October 3, 2020
Event Hours- Friday: By appointment, 12:00 – 4:00pm
Saturday (if applicable): By appointment, 12:00 – 4:00 pm
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 600   |   414-477-2478

Insight 2020

Experience the Magic, Mystery of my Nature Inspired Site Specific Installation Sculpture, Constructions, and Photography by appointment at Material Studios, The Marshall Building, Milwaukee WI. My creative collection represents a life of divining, discovering, and constructing Symbols of Nature and Contemporary Art motifs, intended to encourage, inspire, and awaken. It is an artistic action that evokes a natural empowering beauty and experience inherent in the human identity from ancient times through contemporary experiences. “The Phoenix of Aesthetic Beauty arise and wing their way into my Art, Artifacts, and Nature Inspired Fine Art”. Here, resides the opportunity to live Art and Nature personally, symbolically, and spiritually. I invite you to take this Journey of experience, discover, and enjoy.


Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN)

Exhibition: July 11-18, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: All day
207 E Buffalo St Suite 600 |  414-604-6276

MARN Virtual Event

Approximately 40 MARNmembers showing their latest works

Nina Ghanbarzadeh Material Studio & Gallery

Exhibition: July 12-18, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: By appointment |  Saturday: By appointment
207 E Buffalo St #600 |  262-617-4896

Gallery Night MKE

A virtual exhibition to be held during Gallery Night MKE

Pamela Anderson Studio + Gallery

Exhibition: July to October 2020
Event Hours: Friday: By appointment only.
207 E. Buffalo St. Suite 210   |   414-559-1063

Summer 2020

Known for bold, colorful strokes and gestural movement, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ñ artist, Pamela Anderson, brings a modern dimension to her Abstract works. She applies paint in vibrant colors, allowing creations to emerge spontaneously. Her paintings and sculptures are often untitled which allows her work to be experienced with open interpretation by the viewer. She invites you to contact her to see her work, commission her for a custom piece, add to your collection! Thank you for supporting the local art economy and artists!

Phil Saxon Gallery

Exhibition: July-October 2020
Event Hours: Friday: by appointment |  Saturday: by appointment
207 E. Buffalo St. Room 500 |  262-994-7227

Phil Saxon-New Work

Expressive figurative paintings and drawings on canvas and paper.

Sadler Gallery


Event Hours:
207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 200 | 414-870-1453


Sadler Gallery is a premier fine art gallery representing a variety of both local and international artists. Featuring experienced wildlife artist James Corwin’s intimate, yet powerful creation of traditional and contemporary wildlife paintings. Corwin exquisitely marries the two in each painting with detailed subjects and loosely constructed backgrounds often exposing the underpainting and raw canvas. Also featuring figurative drawings by Emanuele Capozza – an architect and painter who lives and works in Florence – recognized throughout Europe for his fresco knowledge.

Tory Folliard Gallery

Exhibition: July 17 – September 5, 2020
Hours: Tues-Friday 11-5  |  Saturday 11-4
233 N. Milwaukee St |  414-273-7311

The Dog Show

An exhibition of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture celebrating the representations of dogs in contemporary art. Invited guest curator, Fred Stonehouse, is interested in the variety of ways that artists push beyond the pedestrian conceptions of a “pet portrait” into a terrain where images of dogs become thoroughly enmeshed with a creative vision or studio practice.

Exhibiting artists include Brett Angell, Mary Bero, Chris Berti, TD Brenner, Mark Chatterley, El Gato Chimney, Robert Cocke, Jack Damer, Mark Forth, Aris Georgiades, Laurie Hogin, Ron Isaacs, Mary Jones, Raeleen Kao, Leonard Koscianski, Lon Michels, Mark Mulhern, Mike Noland, Todd Olson, Bill Reid, Jan Serr, Leo Sewell, Anne Siems, Gail Simpson, Aniela Sobieski, T.L. Solien, Fred Stonehouse, Russ Vogt, Robin Whiteman, John Wilde, Janica Yoder, and Betsy Youngquist.

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