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BeingNau Gallery

Exhibition October 21 and 22, 2022
Event Hours Friday 5 to 9pm; Saturday 11 to 5pm
159 N Jackson Street, Suite 102 | 949.516.8547

One Year Down

Visual narratives of interconnectivity a collection of artist Brian Nau with featured works from Kent T. Knapp (Milwaukee Blacksmith).

2A Wine Merchants

Friday 4 – 9 pm
577 E Erie St | 414.763.0396

Stem and Staunch

Janelle Gramling is a Milwaukee-based sculptor who challenges the boundaries between fine art and functional home goods — with a playful and surprising aesthetic. Ceramic being her main medium, she often mixes other materials such as metal, wood and fiber within her sculptures. On Gallery Night, she will be showing a new collection of wine bottle stoppers. These one-of-a-kind pieces are both functional as well as elegantly strange.


Friday 5 – 9pm
311 N Plankinton Ave

Unprecious Werks & Make MKE

Paintings from Libby Castro’s Unprecious Werks series will be coupled with Patrick Castro’s illustrations from his Make MKE and Nature series. The artworks will be on display and available for purchase at Aperitivo in the Pritzlaff Building. Come enjoy and unwind with delicious bites and drinks.

Aquae Nguvu Gallery and Studio

Friday 4 to 9pm | Saturday 11am to 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 130 | 414.943.0039

Mannequin or Manikin

Exploration of form, dress and decoration. The show includes work by Ann Baer, Faith Kohler, Leah Jorgens, Vali Kupczak, Kayla Hayden, Heather Eiden, and Ney Tait Fraser. Also included are works by Renee Bebeau and Haley Krob. Please note some works are political in intent. On display through November 12th.

Brian Breider Gallery

Friday 5 – 9PM | Saturday 12 – 4PM
207 E Buffalo St


View the colorful, interlocking patterns of recent work in paper collage by Juliet Jaeger. Created using commercial waste and other discarded materials.

En Pointe Gallery & Gifts

Friday 11am – 9pm | Saturday 11am – 5pm
159 N Jackson St #104 | (414)808-0068

Fall Favorites

View a new selection of beautiful artworks. Enjoy a beverage and meet the artists.

Gallery 218

Friday 5 to 10pm; Saturday 12 to 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, Suite 218 | 414.326.0264

Fall Showcase 32

Celebrating 32 years. Artists exhibiting: Judith Hooks, Bernie Newman, Scott Onsager, Sheree Wood, Carole Glass, Maria Page, Marie Mellott. Live jazz by Elevator Trio, cash bar, appetizers Friday. Guitar concert Sunday. Regular hours are Saturdays 1-6 pm. Accepting artists; running through Nov. 21.

Holly Harris Studios

Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday 11 am – 4 pm
207 E Buffalo St, Suite 500 | 305.778.9380

Original Works of Artist Holly Harris

Visit with artist Holly Harris in her studio where you can enjoy her work. From portrait work to abstract, her work is emotionally driven and often inspired by music, conversation and everyday observances.

Integration Healing | Alivo Integral

Event Hours Friday 5 to 8pm
316 N Milwaukee Street, Suite 325 | 312.720.1615

All of Me

“All of Me” is an art exhibition by Milwaukee artist Alicia Wilson, who utilizes a variety of mediums to explore and express multiple mental-health diagnoses. Through paintings, embroidery, macramé and jewelry she depicts the emotional experiences of navigating life with bipolar disorder, PTSD and neurodiversity. She is inspired to communicate her message to a broader audience that mental illness doesn’t have to limit us, and instead can be a source of strength. She attracts diverse audiences near and far to appreciate and purchase her work for their private collections. Exhibition runs Sept. 16-Oct. 22.

IVme Wellness + Aesthetics

Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday 9am – 6pm
331 N Broadway | 262.230.2190

Photography of True + False Dreams

Introducing Kenneth Kornacki, founder and creative director of KENKO, a creative-driven design studio for film, television and corporate audiences. He will be showcasing his extraordinary pieces via imagery, wall art and photography. Hosted by IVme Wellness + Aesthetics, with tasty appetizers, desserts and beverages provided to complement this amazing exhibit!

Lily Pad | West

Friday 5 – 9pm; Saturday 11am – 6pm
215 N Broadway  |  414.509.5756

Liminal Space

“Liminal Space,” featuring new work by Mississippi-based painter Cathy Hegman, California-based painter Kathy Jones and New York-based sculptor Anne de Villemejane. Liminal space is a term for the place between here and there, the time between what was and what is to come. It is an unsettled moment where transition takes place, reflection is possible and growth occurs. The artists of “Liminal Space” cross this threshold into the unknown and create an opening for their viewers to follow suit. Exhibition runs through Nov. 20.


Friday 5 to 9pm | Saturday 10am to 4
191 N Broadway | 414.485.0033

Reflecting My Muslim Americanism

Visitors are encouraged to grab a beverage from COFFEE + WINE by Interval, experience the MARN’s exhibition, “Reflecting My Muslim Americanism” coordinated by Fanana Banana and MARN, as well as explore the offerings of MARN’s MARKETPLACE. Exhibition runs Aug. 31-Oct. 23.

Milwaukee Ballet

Friday 5 – 8pm
128 N Jackson St

Art in Motion

Watch Milwaukee Ballet II open rehearsals, check out the Milwaukee Ballet vintage poster sale, and more! Don’t forget to stop by Rose Mob Grill food truck on your way in!

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Friday 5 – 9pm
273 E Erie Street | 414.847.3200

Relative Perception, a Veteran Print Project

The Veteran Print Project fosters dialogue between artists and veterans that inspires the creation of fine art prints. The project continues to seek new ways to commemorate and memorialize shared human experiences. “Relative Perception” displays the latest approaches to this vision and the collaborative efforts of MIAD students, local veterans and veteran organizations. Exhibition runs Oct. 2-Nov. 19.

Then as Now: Woodland Pattern 1980-2022

A visual history of Milwaukee’s Woodland Pattern Book Center featuring more than 100 artists who have exhibited there, “Then as Now” traces four decades of gallery curation that has consistently emphasized interdisciplinary practices, the permeable and ubiquitous nature of language, and the fluidity between poetry and other forms of art. Thematically diverse, the exhibition pursues intergenerational and interregional lineages and affinities, with domestic, ecological and social justice issues often predominating. Exhibition runs Oct. 10-Dec. 3.




Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday 10am – 2pm
126 N Jefferson St, Suite 100

Local Art Showcase

Anne Reed – Acrylic Abstract Paintings; Karin Savage – Scientific Illustrator; Josh Ebert – Realism & Abstract; Jamie Robarge – Photography; Ashley Cizek – Geometric & Abstract Paintings

Oil, A City Gallery

Friday: 5 – 9pm; Saturday 12 – 4pm
207 E Buffalo Street, First Floor | 414.426.8353


Scenes of motion from the middle of America, including Milwaukee debut paintings and giclee canvases by founding artist Hal Koenig and new work from resident artist Richard Patt. Exhibition runs Oct. 21-Jan. 6.

Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art

Friday 5 – 8pm | Saturday 11am – 5pm
207 E Buffalo Street, 5th Floor | 414-870-9930

To Know the Dark

David Niec paints the moon and the night sky. His sensitive observations become thresholds of time and space. Both liminal and scientifically precise, Niec’s paintings and drawings invite contemplation, positioning the viewer in a vast unknown. This body of work was created over the past two years and supported by an Adolph Gottlieb Foundation grant. In an adjacent exhibition, Milwaukee based artist, curator and owner of Green Gallery, John Riepenhoff, shares a related body of work about the night sky. The New York Times recently stated that Riepenhoff depicts the sky’s “…emptiness, its paradoxical density, the weird spiritual disquiet you may experience when staring into something infinite and intangible.”

Tory Folliard Gallery

Friday 5 – 9pm | Saturday 11am – 4pm
233 N Milwaukee Street |  414.273.7311

Anne Siems: Works on Paper

The women Anne Siems’ paints explore tattoos — adorned all over the body — as a signal of inner wildness, declaring their stories, mythic belonging and rites of passage.


Craig Blietz: Haul Road

Craig Blietz employs his usual cast of characters of domestic farm animals to replay the reductive imaginings he experienced during his visit to a Wisconsin farm.


Urban Law

Friday 5 – 9pm
147 N Broadway | 414.704.7207

Julia Taylor Watercolors

Watercolor artist Julia Taylor is best known for her raucous roosters and brilliant flowers. In this one-night exhibit, she will present an entirely new body of work, focused on light and spaces that we see daily. Her work captures the emotions evoked by spaces and people and the oh-so-glorious light. Come and see landscapes, people and places as you have never seen them before. Presented in a new pop-up gallery space owned by Jay Urban in Catalano Square, Urban will create a signature drink to celebrate the space and the exhibit.

Vino Third Ward

Friday & Saturday 5 – 8pm
219 E Erie St | 414.277.8466

Oogie Boogie Nights at Vino

Celebrating Oogie Boogie with printed art and beaded jewelry, orange wine flights and live “boogie” music.

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