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Grand Avenue Club

Imagine That! A Show Where Creativity Comes to Life!

Throughout history we have utilized imagination and creativity as tools to move forward through art, science, literature, culture, agriculture and more. Through imagination we continue to form new ideas and worlds, continue to be resourceful, discover, connect and grow as humans. Through imagination we keep our creativity alive! Grand Avenue Club is excited to invite the public to join us for the opening of our upcoming show, “IMAGINE THAT!,” featuring local Milwaukee artists for a celebration of imagination and creativity. Opening program will begin at 5:30 including spoken word, music, discussions with featured artists and complimentary food and beverages.

Exhibition through January 31st, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: 5:00 to 9:00pm
604 N Water St.   |   414-276-6474

David Barnett Gallery

Marc Chagall: Original Color Lithographs

The David Barnett Gallery will be displaying a collection of new acquisitions of original color lithographs by Marc Chagall. In his trademark vivid colors and style, Chagall brings to life characters from the Bible, the circus, and his own self-portraits.

Wild Personalities: Animal and Cityscape Paintings by Julia Taylor

In Gallery 1SW, new watercolor and ink paintings by Julia Taylor, Milwaukee artist and president of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.

Exhibition Dates: October 18 – January 11, 2020
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm | Saturday: 11am-5pm
1024 E. State Street   |   414-271-5058

Grohmann Museum

Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee

This exhibition will highlight some of the most significant engineering marvels in Milwaukee’s history and will include photographs, documents, ephemera, and a number of the actual machines highlighted in the book of the same name by engineer Thomas Fehring, who also serves as guest curator. Nash automobiles, Merkel motorcycles, Evinrude outboards, Johnson Controls environmental systems, MasterLock locks, and Stereo-Realist cameras—these are but a few of the Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee, a one-of-a-kind exhibit filled with one-of-a-kind inventions.

Exhibition through December 22, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm | Saturday: 12-6pm
1000 N. Broadway 414-277-2300 

Saint Kate Arts Hotel

MOWA DTN – Sound / Asleep by Steven Foster & Tomiko Jones

Conventional display of art privileges level lines and generous spacing—all the better to spotlight the merits of individual works. Both Steven Foster’s Steve Lacy Series and Tomiko Jones’ A Place to Rest flout these principles of exhibition to reflect influence and collaboration, making the installation of the photographs as much a part of the work of art as the photographs themselves. Foster’s Steve Lacy Series draws its inspiration from the music of soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy (1934–2004).

Champagne & Art Tours: Friday 4pm  |  Saturday 1pm
Event Hours: Friday 4-9pm, MOWA tour begins 7pm
139 E Kilbourn Ave | 414.276.8686

Sculpture Milwaukee

Sculpture Milwaukee brings world class art to residents and visitors along Wisconsin Avenue, the economic and historic heart of our community. The exhibition runs as far east as Wisconsin Avenue goes and journeys west to the Wisconsin Center District at 6th Street. Sculpture Milwaukee is part of our community re-imagining how we want to bring inclusion and diversity to our 21st century city.

Exhibition Dates:  24/7
Along Wisconsin Ave from 6th Street to Prospect Ave  |  414.289.7179

The Pfister Hotel

Milwaukanda Edition

Come experience Milwaukanda at the Pfister Hotel in the Rouge! Enjoy an evening of featured artists in the Rouge Room as they showcase their art. Enjoy an evening of music from a live DJ until 10PM as well as light food and a cash bar. 7:30 – Costume Contest with prizes.

Event Hours: Friday Oct 18: 5pm-10pm
424 E. Wisconsin Ave  |  414.273.8222

Village Church Arts Gallery


Through powerful graffiti images, award winning 18 year old artist, Brienz Ottman explores multiple dimensions of “social security” and “security socially.”

Exhibition Dates: Oct 18 – Nov 2, 2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5-9pm | Saturday: 1-3pm
130 E. Juneau Ave.   |   414-273-7617 

Woman’s Club of Wisconsin

Mixed Media Pop-up presented by Ünter and Iris Imprints Photography, Inc.

Ünter and Iris Imprints Photography, Inc. present a Pop-up Art Gallery featuring three Milwaukee Artists who are as diverse as the mediums they use for their artistic expression. Each Artist’s exhibit is personally curated by them in their own gallery inside the beautiful Woman’s Club of Wisconsin. Featured Artists include; Photographers Rick Wright and Katja Wright, owners of Iris Studios and Iris Boudoir in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. They are accompanied by Artist and Painter Terry Schmerling and Reclaimed Metal Artisan April L. Sepich of Very Very Vintage Tinworks.

Exhibition Dates: 10/18/2019
Event Hours: Friday: 5 – 9PM
813 East Kilbourn Ave.  |  414-276-5170 

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